Flew from Jackson, Mississippi to Houston this morning for the Gazelles Conference. Coming home the tomorrow.

Pleasant experience all the way around.  I was originally going to fly out from Little Rock, but when I found that the freeway to Little Rock was submerged Saturday evening, I started scrambling. 

Changing to Jackson (I-55 was dry and Jackson connects with Houston via direct flight) went without a hitch.  No extra charges.  Passed right through. 

Still doing that strange boarding process they have, but guess what, no one is pissed off by it.  Everyone is in the same boat.  Want a better seat, gotta get their earlier.  That’s fair.  What’s more, the boarding process was really much quicker, without all the crazy boarding calls like we listened to for American Airlines. 

Not as much fun as in the past, but I enjoyed the joke during boarding process that those with small children could go first, that is unless the children wanted to be treated like adults. 

Free soft drinks and nuts (still serving nuts).  Everyone orderly and understanding on finding seats (all in this together, again).  No charge for baggage. 

And there was once again the traveler on the trip that had never flown before(at least his luggage wasn’t garbage bags).  They are still competing with the “Dog” and the train.  I chuckled at this. 

Still doing their own thing. Still making money.  Still not in Memphis, but there’s  hope.  They just bought Air Tran.  Here’s hoping!  Really enjoy SW, even with all their quirks.  They do it right