Second in a series of posts on “Rocks”  Will be addressing this topic at length in the next In-Synk Huddle.

This image comes from my family heritage of Civil Engineering.  Although I’m not a Civil Engineer, it seems to be in the Synk blood.  Father and Sister were/are successful Civil Engineers.

Imagine you are building a road (your strategic plan) from Memphis to Jackson.  The easiest road to design and build is a straight line.  Because of terrain, a straight line road just isn’t possible to build.  Valleys, Forests, Hills, Rivers are in the way or must be worked around.  The Civil Engineer and Contractor uses a bulldozer and all types of other heavy equipment and devices and materials to build as straight a road as possible.

Think of the path of your business, between where you want to go, and where you are like a Civil Engineer or Contractor.  How are you going to get around, over, destroy or bore through the obstacles in front of you.  These are your “Rocks” that you have to move.

Very vivid imagery that helps you identify the major initiatives/capabilities/projects you have to implement to achieve the goal of your business.  Does this work for you?

The only down side to this it can get you thinking only about “obstacles.”  There are additional “Rocks” that add to the competencies of your organization and bring value that don’t really fit into this language. 

More on that in the next post.