In a number of interactions in the past several days, I witnessed a number of instances where the investment in an expert would have done wonders for the business owners.  Even small investments. 

  • One used a good attorney (loyal, trusted, respected) for a case which required some serious in depth experience to represent him appropriately in a sticky situation.  Didn’t go well.  The attorney did his best.  But didn’t have the depth of understanding of situations like this to win the day.  (I personally suffered in a similar case a few years ago, I learned the hard way.)
  • Another is trying to build a sales management function, without ever having managed salespeople before.  He’s a smart guy and with small investment in an expert in Sales Management, just a short consult, he could have implemented an expert’s recommendation with out his help.  Saving headaches and getting better results.
  • Another is trying to do better forecasting on sales and expenses, without having good accounting analytical expertise available.  He again is smart, but he’s winging it. 
  • Finally,  another is making poor hiring decisions, without the advice of a hiring expert to guide him. 

I could enumerate endlessly on other types of situations that apply.  A little investment, in some cases very little, to get perspective and expertise involved in making a good decision, would have saved aggravation, time, and lost opportunities.

It gets down to this.  Decisions are always better made with great minds focused on them.  If you don’t have the great mind you need on your team, can you borrow, or rent one?