It’s a funny idea, uncoordinated coordination.  Read the term in Youngme Moon’s book,  Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd.  I’ll be reviewing the book at the In-Synk Business Book Review this Friday morning.

She uses it to describe the “herd” mentality that seems to automatically occur between competitors as they seek to differentiate their businesses, that drives competitors to be almost indistinguishable from each other.  She calls this “uncoordinated coordination”, or “coordination without the coordinator.”

Take this idea out of the marketing realm.

We want coordination within our businesses don’t we?  We have to have it because everyone is responsible for completely different functions in the business, and they all have to come together to deliver profits, right?

Too much coordination is stifling and de-motivating.  But too little, results in two things, both bad:  The herdlike behavior and utter chaos.  I don’t like either of these outcomes. 

The key is to provide the right level of coordination, with as minimal effort as possible.  Which is hard to do, without establishing a good meeting rhythm.  The right kind of meetings, focused on the right things, timed right to keep things moving forward.  When done right leaders find their coordination or management time shifting from 70%  to less than 30%.  Time that can be spent working on new opportunities. 

Meeting Rhythm is the topic of the my next In-Synk Executive Huddle on September 23rd.

One other thought.  People hate meetings because most of them are bad and unproductive.  I’m not talking about these type of meetings.  Meeting Rhythm eliminates these sort of meetings.