Figuratively I mean.

Let’s pretend your business is a branch office or outpost of a very well run, respected, growing company (put aside any biases you have against “the man” and corporate offices from your past and assume for our game of let’s pretend, that such a thing really exists). 

What would the home office want to look at that would tell them you are doing well and contributing to the growth of the corporation?  What numbers would they want from you?  What outcomes would they expect? 

What would the home office say about what you should be focused on?  What you should be doing?  How  you should be behaving? 

I’m not so naive to think that most “home offices” know what to look for, look at, ask for, or say.  But if your business was owned by such a corporation, a well run, respected, growing company, wouldn’t your answers to these questions be important for you to know.  Wouldn’t they be a good direction for your business?

Just thinking on the computer, that’s all.