We have a habit to start each In-Synk Clarity Council meeting.  We take each member’s temperature on the Four Decisions of the Rockefeller Habits.  Each participant rates his organization is how he feels it is doing on the Four Questions: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.   Rarely does anyone ever rate themselves a ten.  But this member has been rating his company “9s” across the board for about a year.

Deservedly so.  His People are fantastic, his Strategy is consistent, simple and superior, his Execution is generally flawless, and his Cash Flow is great.  His peers are a bit envious.

He is anxious about this.

That’s right.  Anxious.  He knows that he can’t rest on his laurels and legacies don’t last forever.  And although his funnel is full and his ratings are all nines, he knows the future brings change.

That’s why his 3rd Quarter Rock is to complete a long term strategic plan.  He knows things will have to change, whether he likes it or not.  And he wants to be on top of it.  So he is acting on it now, even though his peers think he as the world licked.

His Rock for this quarter is inspiring “9s” across the board for some time to come.