We all know change is inevitable.  It’s the only thing we can count on, that things will change.

But change scares us, especially in business, where we need to be adept at change whether we welcome it or not.

I think the problem is that for most of us, “to change” means total, complete, upheaving change.  I can sense this when people what to change me, and when in the course of my coaching practice, I suggest changes to others.

But most change is not total, complete or upheaving.

I’ve been reading a book,  The Lean Start Up by Marc Ries.  It will definitely be on the In-Synk Business Book Review soon.

Ries uses the word “pivot.”  And I’m beginning to like the word more and more with each reference to it in the book.  A “pivot” is a shift in direction that we make as a result of learning.  It’s not abandoning the whole kit and caboodle.  It’s taking what you have built, the best parts, and shifting to another way to make them work.  Shifting from your strengths and applying them where they will be more productive.

Change isn’t as scary when you say “pivot”