Received a copy of an email from a client who just completed the 4 Decisions/RockHabits workshop I conducted yesterday.  The original emails was sent to a colleague of his, explaining why he felt his colleague ought to look into the programs and coaching offering I provide.  Here’s what the email said:

“I am sure there are many different things that work, but I like this as far as a blue print on how to plan & execute.  I was trying to explain it to Trish (my client’s wife) and it is kind of like having a “system” in sports.  There are a lot of different offenses & defenses that work in football and basketball, but you need to have some system in place to be sure everyone is moving where they need to go.  Rolling the basketball out and telling some guys to move around and get open is not a good plan.  You might score but it will be by chance not design.”

Spot on as far as I’m concerned.  Thanks Andrew for bringing me “clarity” to me about how to convey the need for the 4 Decisions /RockHabits Model and the Clarity Council.