We’ve heard and we say it.  “I have a long pile of things to do and I’m not making a ‘dent’ in it.”  “Don’t seem to be making a ‘dent’ in it.”    “Doing lots of work and lots of opportunity here but it’s not making a ‘dent’ in things.”

Frustrating to say, here and experience.  But maybe you you need to look at it differently.

Maybe you need to decide which dent you want to make and how?

This is another way of expressing my Rocks Vs Sand analogy.

Take a good look at the to do list, the strategic plan, the funnel, and decide which item will make the biggest dent in it and focus as much time and resources will still keeping things going.  And go ahead and make a dent.

Then figure the next dent to make.  And the next one.

Pretty soon everything will be bumped out and looking good.

Then you start over.