He has a good book.  I’m ordering it.  Abundance:  The future is better than you think. 

We are so empowered today.  Small can do today what only big business and government could do in the past.

Worlds biggest problems are also the biggest opportunities.  Small can solve them.

Human Development –we think local and linearly.  But the world is changing globally and exponentially.  We have trouble seeing the opportunities because we are designed to see bad.

30 linear steps = 30 yards.

30 exponential steps = 1,073,741, 824 meters or 26 times around the planet.

Computers get faster no matter what the economy does.

Scarcity has been the model.  Technology is flipping the model.

3 billion minds are coming on line in the next 3  years.  What will those minds contribute.

We need to be living into an extraordinary world.