Interesting exchange with a client this morning.  I had just asked him to update on his new rocks to move for the quarter.  He said:

“Is it okay not to have a rock this quarter?”

I said, somewhat flippantly:

“Can’t have ‘no’ rocks, not if you want to grow.”

Growth comes from moving rocks.  See the video.

But this guy has been moving so many rocks I would call him a Caterpillar.  He might just need a breather, a chance to catch his breath, and let things settle down before attacking the next one.

I would agree, but I would say that’s also a rock.  Instilling habits, getting people working together after moving some big boulders can be just as big a rock to move.  Also getting the team ready to move a rock, is a rock.

So my response was and is correct.  “Can’t have ‘no’ rocks”  not unless you don’t want to grow.

Tomorrow, metrics for moving rocks.