Revenue is deceiving, profits are better, Cash is King.

Don’t have cash?  The other two are meaningless.  And to get the other two to grow, which hopefully creates cash, you spend cash, you eat it up.

But when you run out of cash,  the game ( your business is over).

So you have to manage the cash, and manage the processes that create cash.

The Sales Process, the Delivery Process, the Collection Process.

There are three things you can do.  Eliminate mistakes in each process.  Speed up each process.  And change the game by changing your business model.

That’s what we’ll be working on at “Growth Sucks Cash” this Friday’s Business Growth Series.  Sponsored by Commercial Bank and Trust.  8:00 AM to 9:00.

And the best part, when you do these things, it generally improves everything else about your business.

Join us.