Whether you are engaging someone to coach you, or you are coaching someone on your team, both the coach and the coachee have to have regular conversations.

  • Not by email-use email to confirm conversations and commitments made and to share information.  But don’t converse by email.  Doesn’t work.
  • Face to face is best, ear to ear is next best.

Coaching requires immediate time dialogue.  Active listening.  Give and take.  Emotional interchange.  Arguing about meaning.

And the Conversations have to held on a regular basis.

Are you getting this from your coach?  Are you coaching your team this way?

You should be or you aren’t getting coaching or delivering coaching.

Good book to read on this is The Coaching Conversation by Brian Souzes.

The coach advises, critiques, educates, hold you accountable.  But you still are the player.