Wouldn’t you rather it be an accelerant?

Your company culture (the combination of core values, core competencies, and core purpose) exists whether you want to acknowledge it or not.  Hopefully you know.

It’s how good and bad people decide to join your firm.
It can guide you to good decisions or bad ones.
It can align the actions of your team or create silos.
It can enable self directed work or it can require micromanagement.
It can make it easier to determine strategy and then execute, or it can make things harder and cause paralysis.

Do you know what your company culture is?  What parts are good or bad?  Do you reinforce the right parts of it?  Can it leverage growth or does it just get in the way?

There is a way to find out.  Friday’s Business Growth Series is titled Culture Trumps Strategy.  Check it out if you want to accelerate growth.  We’ll be working on identifying your culture, and how make sure it’s an accelerant not a deterrant.