Been thinking about the difference between coaches and consultants.  I’m a coach.  But people try to hire me or evaluate me the do a consultant.  There’s a big difference between the two.  One isn’t better than the other.  Different situations require different solutions.  Here’s chart that shows the difference.  (of course I’m biased).

Coach                                                                                                              Consultant

Helps you figure out the decision.                                                          Figures out your problem and recommends the solution

Holds you accountable for the implementing the decision.                      Implements the solution.

Advises, Clarifies, Educates, Pushes You.                                             Does things for you.

Constant Improvement Everywhere                                                      Improves or solves one or two things.

Ongoing relationship.                                                                        Transactional Relationship (defined engagement/then another)

Fluid                                                                                                  Concrete

Consultants provide a defined solution that should provide a defined amount of value that should be quantifiable.

Coaches provide guidance on making good decisions and holding you accountable to them.  Great value because good decision create growth.  But the value comes further down the road.

This should provide clarity to you on how to approach using one or the other.  Try not to fit one into the other’s box.  Both can and will do wonders for your business.  Ask yourself the question:  What kind of help do I need?