….it’s the life of the business owner or operator.  Especially those that aspire to growth.

Even more so for those building their businesses from scratch, like many of the businesses operating out of the business accelerator, Emerge Memphis.  The accelerator eliminates many of the distractions small businesses face, which quickly get replaced by the multitude of distractions associated with rapid growth.

This seems to be the overriding challenge: a lot of sand is getting pushed to sustain the business, often at the expense of the key initiatives  that deliver sustainable growth and momentum.  The owner and his small team get overwhelmed by the sand and resort to pushing more and more of it as the means to growth, sacrificing efficiency and creativity and a whole host of other activities they should be focused on.  Growth occurs but only with =great effort and at great expense.  Don’t even talk to me about scaling the business.  They have trouble seeing over the sand pile in front of them.

Growth requires getting to the “Rocks” (the key initiatives I mentioned earlier).  For a better explanation of this “Rocks vs. Sand” conundrum take a look at this video.

At the invitation of Eric Mathews, interim director of Emerge Memphis,  I’ve developed a support curriculum for a pilot group of Emerge Memphis members, called the Emerge Memphis Growth Cohort:  two lengthy workshop sessions to get each participating company on a One Page Strategic Plan, followed by regular monthly accountability sessions and office hours.  All designed to keep the participants finding the next “Rock”, moving it successfully, and making sure that all the
“Rocks” add up to progress to the long term goals.

Rocks roll while the sand get pushed.  Participants collaborate and hold each other accountable.  Growth is right around the corner.