If you don’t you should, especially if you have a sales team.

I’m talking about posting it on a whiteboard for everyone to see.  There are several benefits to doing so.

1. It makes progress immediately visible.  Instantaneous.

2. Creates a bit of peer pressure that is motivating, not just between sales people, but the rest of the team as staff as well.  If the team can see that the sales team is doing well, it inspires the production team to do their share.  If they aren’t doing well, the sales team can feel the pressure (I advocate finding a way to post the “production funnel” the same way, for all to see).

3.  You can do “strategizing”  on moving prospects/customers to the next step right around the white board.  Gather up the sales team and do it.  You’ll find it happening naturally.

Here’s a photo of Jonathan Frase of Frase Protection and his imaginative and quirky way of posting his sales funnel.  He’s painted the area between two doors (that everyone has to walk through at least once a day) with whiteboard paint (available at Lowes, whiteboard wall paper is available locally at Knowledge Tree).  At the beginning of the month the board is clear.  Each deal, as it is closed, is posted by the sales person.  They start at the bottom and fill up the board (it’s important to start at the bottom, not the top, implies building and growing).