In a word, “No”

Growth is a good business goal.  Greatness is a good business goal.  But do you  have to grow to become great?

Again, “No”

The words can be compatible and incompatible.

A business can grow at a great rate without becoming great.  A business can become great without growing.

Unless of course you are talking about personal/spiritual growth.  By striving to become great, you will personally and spiritually grow and can do it absent of revenue/profit growth although often they come along for the ride also.

To achieve greatness, you have to define what it looks like for you business.  Then determine the steps (rocks you want to move) to achieve it, working first from your existing strengths, values and purpose(passion), and building on them.

You have to start at the beginning.  Core competencies, Core Values, Core Purpose.  I’ll be addressing the importance of these at Friday’s Business Growth Series.

Maybe I need to change the name to Business Greatness Series, because I truly believe the path to growth is the path to greatness.