You heard it here first.  I’m going to ground zero.  Hopefully everyday.

By ground zero I mean, that by the end of every day, my email inbox will reach zero. Nada, Empty.

I’ve read a book, called Bit Literacy, by Mark Hurst upon the recommendation of my friend and client JD Graffam.  I’ll be reviewing it at the next In-Synk Business Book Review on March 2nd.

The insight I have from the book, is that although we know that information comes to us faster and differently and higher quantities(in bits) than we did growing up, we still tend to try to manage it as if it comes to use on paper instead of in the “bits” it’s coming to us in.  And we miss things.  Or don’t get them.  Or a whole host of other maladies.  We need to become, as the title implies, Bit Literate.

One important goal of Bit Literacy is getting the inbox to zero each day.  Relieves the guilt, stress, and confusion of using an inbox as your todo list, which I do, but I have enough Catholic Guilt in my life so I don’t get guilty.  I just miss things.

Lots more to Bit Literacy than just this.  But it’s a start.

Read along in my journey to ground zero and complete Bit Literacy, as I prepare to review this book and get more efficient and less stressed.  The review will include first hand research.  Starting today.

And come to the book review on the 2nd.  To get Bit Literate.