Is your leadership team (or management team or executive team) a golf team or a basketball team?

A golf team is a collection of players who all play their own game game of golf and then add up their scores to get the team score.  When they are playing the course they are each playing their own game their own way.

A basketball team acts as a unit, with people playing their own roles but acting in concert with each other to achieve the outcome.  Each member adjusts their individual play to overcome lapses in defense, or to maximize offense.

It’s an interesting analogy.  Provided by Pat Lencioni in his latest book, Advantage, which I’m reading on my Kindle this week.

Which is healthier for the long term of your organization?

Which is easier to manage?

Which delivers better results?

Which gives you competitive advantage?

All interesting questions I’m sure I’ll be blogging about as I get further into Pat’s Book.