Dropped off my nephew’s computer today, to get it working faster.

Let me correct that statement:  I tried to drop off my computer to get it working faster.  But they wouldn’t let me.

Arrived 20 after 9:00.  Business opens at 10:00.  No one there.  “Oh well I’ll take it somewhere else”

But just as I’m leaving an employee from the business opens his car door, enters the business, and locks the door behind him.  “Maybe I won’t have to drop it off somewhere else,” I’m thinking. “Surely he’ll help me.”

I walk up to the door, with the laptop, and catch his attention.  We talk through the glass window.  He won’t let me in, mouthing and motioning that he can’t open the door. Wanted me to wait 40 minutes for them to open.

That settles it, I’m gone.  Not just now, but forever.

The really sad part about it is the business has spent a great deal of money and effort “branding” their business.  Good looking location, good looking impressive materials that convey their advantages and excellence.  Good PR in the press about the business.  Over the last several months, I’ve noticed the brand and it got me thinking that I should try it and make the extra drive to use them.  All for naught.

The smallest part of branding is the external image your company presents.  The biggest part of branding is the internal communication and processes that insure you can deliver the brand and it’s promise.  If you aren’t going to do the internal part, don’t dare to the external part.  Wasting your time and money and your potential client’s time and money.

Where did I go?  To the business I usually go to.  Their branding, quite frankly, is a mess.  But they deliver.

I’m in favor of great branding. But before you “brand” your business and make a “brand promise”  make sure you can deliver it.

More on this in my next blog post.