….Is Life a Game?

No, baseball and backgammon and golf are games.  And we can become obsessed with them.

So by treating your business like a game, can you get your team obsessed with winning (growth)?

I think we can.

We naturally gravitate to games.  Not all of us to the the same game.  That’s a matter of taste.  But we all do.  And we play because it measures how we are doing.  And we (usually) like winning.  When we win, it’s self motivating for us and we want to play some more.

Springfield Re-Manufacturing Company figured this out about their people.  And taught them how to play The Great Game of Business which is now a book.  They turned the operating statements and balance sheets into scorecards for all their people, so they would know how to win.  At least 15% growth year in and year out for 30 some years now.

Aren’t you the least bit interested in how they did it?  With the front line workers in the plant?

You should be.

Come to this week’s In-Synk Business Book Review where I’ll be reviewing and everyone will be discussing this very inspirational, yet content rich book.  It might just make you want to turn your business into a game.