My next series of posts will focus, one by one, on a series of Business “Myths” that continue to be prevalent despite the fact that they have been proven to be wrong by thorough research or collective experience.

They hinder growth, progress, and productivity.

There might be a sliver of truth to each one.  The problem isn’t the sliver of  truth, the problem is that it’s from long ago.  The world has changed.  The data has changed.  And that new data has overridden the validity and applicability of the myth.   A new truth exists.

Everyone loves a good myth or cliche,  I love them too.  They are great for illustrating a point.

But they aren’t particularly good for building a growing business.

The first myth I’m going to take on is one that challenges everyone.

“The customer always comes first?

Please suggests other business “myths” I should take on.  Maybe we should have a Business Myth-Busters Contest.   Let’s get some dialogue going on this.