Management is tough.  At any given time 32 % of the team is thinking about quitting.  And 50 % are unhappy.

Two Sides of Management:  Process (hard skills and we default to these) and People (soft skills but most potential improvement comes here).

Only three ways to improve productivity:

  1. Working Harder–Effort
  2. Working Smarter–Effectiveness
  3. Working Faster–Efficiently

Foundation of transforming company performance is improving individual performance.

Management usually only gets 60% of potential performance out of individuals.

  • Don’t put in things that aren’t there –trying to improve weaknesses.
  • Pull out what is there–building strengths

Four types of Managers

  1. Do it all Managers–has trust or time issues.  Wants impact so takes it all on his shoulders
  2. Micro Managers  -want perfection not performance
  3. Nice Guy Managers  -relationship is important and can’t be damaged–do doesn’t push
  4. Coaches–Develops potential and lets them play/perform–very few of these exist

Start acting like a coach not a manager

Constructive Conversations every week–The operative word is constructive.  Most conversations are not constructive.

The weekly coaching conversation goes like this:

  • Focus–Todos are aligned for going forward
  • Accountability–How we doing on todos
  • Reinforcement on progress

The Coaching Mindset:  The coach has one job–to pull out of every ounce of potential out of your team each and every day.

Create the Environment: to be able to coach you must become coachable yourself.  Set the stage by asking you team the following:

  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What can I do better?
  • How can I improve?

Change the conversation to:  What you would like to see.  The future not the past.


FARR–Focus, Accountability, Reinforcement = Results

Celebrate the first downs, not just the touchdowns.