Actually I believe this myth, so it’s not a myth.  If the people are good, and they are supported by good processes, and you continue to work to improve both.

It’s a myth, or maybe a throwaway line at best, though.  If you aren’t working at improving your people and your aren’t improving your processes.

You can’t rely on good people alone.  Good people like good process.  Good people will want to improve processes.  Don’t improve your processes or let your good people improve them, they will leave. Because they will realize they are working too hard without process and go elsewhere where good process exists or will go into business against you with the good process you won’t let them implement.  And probably start beating you.

Good process is good also.  But only if good people are following them or using the to produce superior results.

Good people are symbiotic with good process.  Got to do both.

Get good people and support them with good process or have them develop good process.

Will be getting off the Mythbusting kick for a few weeks. Thanks for indulging me.  Keep sending me myths, though.