You see this a lot in sports.   A player goes down with and injury.  A trade is made to obtain a replacement, who is often equally good or even better.  And it’s not just the same.  The timing is off, the chemistry is bad.  Takes a few games to get back to where the team was before.

But it doesn’t happen this way all the time.  Sometimes the new player slides right in and it seems like nothing changes.

When that happens, it’s not luck at work.  It happens by intent.  Because the team leaders and coaches know it’s a brand new team and have worked hard to integrate the new player into the culture and routines of the team.

When you add a team member, any type of team member, all the relationships change.  All the timing changes.

I’ve been reminded about this lately as we have added a new player to the Synk family.  Our nephew, the son of Meg’s brother, has moved in with us.  He’s moved here from Hong Kong where his family lives, so he can attend an American high school for his last two years before going to college.

It’s going well, and I expect to continue going well, but I have to say that everything is a bit out of whack at our house right now.  All the relationships have changed a bit, some of the sleeping arrangements have changed, expectations have changed, timing has changed.

We have a whole new team at the Synk household and we have to start doing some team building.

When you have a new member on your team, you have to do the same.