It’s being able to pick up patterns.

The purpose of a daily huddle is to “synkronize”  (forgive me I can’t help myself) the team to the tasks that need to get done each day.  That and to keep each other posted on things each other needs to know.  And the daily huddle makes this more efficient than personally checking in with each person.  These alone spur collaboration and increased execution.

But what gets overlooked is the opportunity to spot patterns in the activities of the team.

Patterns in what people do well and get excited about, and what they hate and dread.

Patterns in what team members prefer to attack first from their to do lists.

Patterns in what team members avoid.

Patterns in what team members get stuck on.

But you only see the patterns if you are looking for them.  So be present in the huddles and see the patterns.

When identified, take action on the pattern.  Not at the huddle, but in a weekly meeting if the whole team can learn from it.  In a one on one coaching session if it applies to one person.

Good pattern–Maximize it.  Bad Pattern correct it or fix what is causing the bad pattern (or as I said in a previous post, pick up the broken glass or go around it).

This post inspired by today’s Clarity Council Meeting.  Thanks guys.

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