You have to have good people and you have to have good processes.  Period.  End of discussion. This applies to everything in your organization.  And it’s especially true in Sales.

So why to I find so many business leaders defaulting to the People side of things when it comes to sales.

They get a “good” sales person (meaning a winning and engaging personality) and set them free on sales.  Not measuring much of anything but results.  And when results come in (and often this means no results) they are what were expectedre\

I recommend a greater emphasis on process, maybe even a default on process when it comes to sales.

  • Improve your sales hiring process and make it behavioral and use sales tested assessments.
  • Define the ideal sales process for each product line and flex from them instead of making it up each time
  • Segment the clients and prospects
  • Practice the processes (that means role plays)

These are just a few of the processes or habits good sales teams have in place.  And guess what, all of them make your people better, whether they are already good or just average.

I’ll be covering these sales habits and more at the Business Growth Series on May 18th.  Titled The Rockefeller Habits of Sales.   I’ll be taping it later and it will be available via the In-Synk Store a few days after the event.

And it’s my birthday.  Help me celebrate. We might have a birthday coffee cake.