Jim’s session really reinforced the Core Value/Core Purpose portions of the One Page Strategic Plan. How these items are the foundation of all strategy and if used correctly and the foundation of sustainable growth.

They exist in all organizations but aren’t articulated and as a result aren’t leveraged.

Here’s my gems from his talk.

  • Your Culture or Ideals are guides for behavior.
  • Culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage. Coherence is critical (and the biggest obstacle to building culture, it’s not coherently communicated so it doesn’t guide behavior).
  • Best Brands are build on high ideals–A higher ideal driving the behavior of the organization (confirms Daniel Pink’s work)
  • Ideal Tree–His model
    • Discover it–find it and its derived from the Human Values of Joy, Connecting, Exploration, Pride or Impact
    • Build it–must be intentional, not a soft thing, must be intentional, must plan for it.
    • Communicate it–Treat communication as a critical driver of growth, measure it with a KPI,  Remember everything you do communicates your ideals, especially your behavior
    • Deliver it–Deliver the near Ideal Experience–to customers, employees, everyone.  Does your client experience reflect your ideal, reinforce it?
    • Evaluate it–Define a KPI on the ideal
    • Keep at it, despite the bloody noses.