Read something this morning that reminded me of the old “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game we played as kids to decide who got to go first and to solve other disputes.  I assume people are still playing this game.

In “Rock, Paper, Scissors” it’s a loop.  Rock beats scissors (breaking them), Paper beats Rock (covering it), Scissors beats Paper (cuts it up).

In business or organizational growth, it’s not “Rock, Paper, Scissors” it’s “Uncertainty, Decisions, and Clarity”  and it’s not a loop.  But works somewhat the same.

Uncertainty beats Decisions (by causing paralysis or poor decisions), and Clarity beats Uncertainty (acting on what is known not on what one thinks),  Good Decisions enhance Clarity(decisions based on data creates better data on which you become more clear).

Maybe I’m pushing the analogy a bit, but I don’t think so.  Feeling uncertain, determine what you know, learn what you don’t know (quickly) and with the ensuing clarity make good decisions.

Does this work for you?