At Rotary today the speaker was the CEO and founder of Crew Training International, a company that provides military pilot training worldwide.

A former “Top Gun” pilot in the Navy,  Alan Mullen discussed how the training for Top Gun pilots was not depicted well in the famous Tom Cruise movie we are all familiar with.

He said all the training was designed to take the “Who” out of all the conversations and conflict.  It’s counterproductive to learning. Egos get in the way of learning.

I agree.  Mentioned pretty much the same thing in my last blog post.

When you take the “Who” out of the conversation you get to focus on the facts and the situation.  Opens the conversation to the productive conflict and solutions.  And the learning begins.  Too much to learn in flying a plane for “Who” to take over and block the learning.

Alan told a joke that I found funny and really has nothing to do with this post.

“When do you know when your date with a pilot is halfway over?

When the pilot says “Enough about me.  Let’s talk about flying.”