In the past month or so I’ve witnessed some evidence of Greatness, or maybe I should say evidence of future greatness in some cases.

A daughter of a close friends of mine has spent quite a bit of time in CVICU at LeBonheur lately, recovering from a sudden and unexplainable heart failure.  I’ve visited them pretty regularly in the CVICU.  Observing the staff, here’s what I observe: no egos among any of the staff, from cardiologists, to nurses, through to technicians.  Open and respectful communication between all, with the only ambition being that for the improving health of the child.   Parents are included in the conversations.  Transparency, dashboards, results driven actions.  Greatness in action.  Lots of discipline going on to create the greatness.

Several clients have separately related to me the impact the discipline of Daily Huddles and Weekly Meetings have had on the performance of their company.  This discipline, if continued will lead to Greatness.

Another client has moved some poor performers out of the organization.  “We are working harder but much happier, smiles on everyone’s faces.  Another instance of discipline that will lead to Greatness.

Great organizations are disciplined, no matter the situation.

Get started one of  the disciplines of greatness.  Meeting Rhythm Makes it Happen.  is the June Business Growth Series Event this Friday.