Tranparency.  We throw that word around a lot these days.  We want transparent government.  Transparent leaders.  Transparent budgets and data.  It’s a good thing to have transparency.

I can remember when describing someone as transparent wasn’t necessarily a good thing.  Such as “He is so transparent” meaning “you can see right through him” further meaning “his intentions are obvious in spite of his words”

But in running a business, don’t you want transparency.  So that everyone can see exactly what you are trying to accomplish.  So the monkey is no longer just on your back.  So that everyone is engaged in the solutions.  So that “merit” can rise to the top.

I’m a big believer in transparency, even though I still get hung up on the old meaning of the word sometimes.  It means not hiding anything from the team.  Being completely clear in how a team is doing.  Being as clear about failures as you are about failures.  Setting clear goals.  Tied to financials.

It’s about working and walking with integrity.  Being full of integrity. Acting with integrity.

Transparency is hard to do, but pays off.  When you get disciplined about being transparent, disciplined execution follows.  Isn’t that ultimately what you want.

The book review tomorrow is The Great Game of Business and ultimately the book tells story about getting disciplined about being transparent and results that come with it.  Inspiring story and lots of good how to information guide you on how to do it.

Join us.