Pressure is usually a good thing.  People respond to pressure.  They step up.  You want them to.  You need them to.

But they won’t if you beat them up with it.  They won’t for the long term, they will go elsewhere.  Beating them up with the pressure only delivers short term, short lived gains.  Do you really want to live your business life like responding to fires.

Here’s how you make sure your team can deal with the pressure:  Meeting Rhythm.

You have to establish a good Meeting Rhythm.

Daily Huddles-– of 10-15 minutes only.  The whole company or by department.  Purpose?  To check in on what’s up that day so people can collaborate afterwards on making sure the tough stuff gets done that day.

Weekly meeting–half hour to an hour.  Each department and the management team should each have one.  If you are small,  just have one company wide.  Everyone reports on their ToDo list from the week just finished and reports on their anticipated ToDo list for the up coming week.  Review the numbers.  Fix a problem.  Align the team.

Monthly meeting–2- 4 hours.  Now that you have 4-5 weeks of data on how everyone is doing and how the numbers are,  analyze how you are doing.  Adjust strategy.  Learn something.  Commit to action for the next 4 weeks.

Quarterly meeting–Half to full day.  Evaluate the past 90 days.  Set priorities for the next ninety days.  Learn something.

Annual meeting–Full to two days.  Out of the office.  Away from the fray.  Set the plan for the next year.  Reassess all your assumptions about the future.  Align the team and all it’s resources.

Notice that all of this implies you have to have a plan.  To provide context.  So you can see clearly where you want to go and what to do about it now.

Looks easy, but there is more to it than meets the eye.  Requires discipline.  Discipline that sets you free to be creative, collaborative, and respond effectively to pressure.

Do you have an executable plan?  Do you have a meeting rhythm that sets you free and helps people step up?

Or are  you wandering around beating people up with pressure?