Pretty obvious, but wanted to make sure people know it’s needed when you are struggling.

When you are struggling, no matter the size of your organization, you can’t see the forest for the trees.

When you are struggling, you’ll grab at another new opportunity, at the expense of others, even when it lines up poorly with your existing strategy.

When you are struggling, you feel the pressure of the struggle.  Need clear eyes, and full heart to win.  Coaches provide this.  Strategic Plans remind you of this.

When you are struggling, things/efforts don’t seem to add up.  Strategy makes sure things/efforts add up.

Success in almost entirely related to alignment.  Alignment between the opportunity, the core values and purpose of the organization, the core competencies of the firm, and execution related to those things.  There are tons of brilliant ideas, and brilliant people who haven’t succeeded and it’s mostly due to lack of alignment.  Strategic Planning and Coaching Creates Clarity and Alignment.

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