• When you start, it’s what “you” do that get’s noticed.
  • When you are working your way up, it’s “your” effort that gets the job done.
  • “Competitive urges” rule.  And not just against your competitors.  Toward your coworkers and teammates too.
  • It’s the fight to the top that counts.  (and reinforced in countless ways).

But when you get to the top, when you are a success, somehow everything changes.

  • What needs to be noticed is what “they” are doing.  (and they need to know you notice)
  • The effort that counts is “their” effort.  (and it needs to be aligned and reinforced)
  • “Collaboration” rules.
  • Success is team achievement, not “yours.”  Your success comes from “theirs”

It’s no longer about you, it’s about them.  And you are leading them.  And they aren’t you.

Are you getting the jist of my message?

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There is the book I’ll be reviewing at Friday’s In-Synk Business Book Review.  It’s by Marshall Goldsmith, one of the most effective executive coaches in the world.

It just might change the trajectory of your success.