Many of us have experienced this:

A bunch of kids are in the backyard, you throw a ball out to them.  They start to play with it.  Next thing you know they are playing a game.  Often one you don’t understand, but a game nonetheless.  With rules and a way to keep score.

I did it with my kids.

People want a way to win.  It’s natural.

So why do we take the opposite track at our organizations.  We tell people what to do, and how often, and how well, but we don’t tell them how it adds up to win the game.  My friend Carl Barton, calls it the Mushroom School of Management:  “Put everyone in a dark room, cover them up with s___ and hope something grows.”

Next week I’m reviewing one of the most influential books I’ve ever read.  The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack.

It’s an inspirational story of what can happen when you teach everyone how to win the game of business.  Everyone!  Opening up the books and using it as a scoreboard for everyone.

Every business owner should read it.  But I know you won’t.  So come to my book review and learn the story and the content and save yourself from reading it. Here’s the link.  And if you can’t make it, I’ll be posting my review on the In-Synk Store later that day.