…. and it was a rewarding experience.  Enabled some breakthroughs for several of the companies involved in the cohort I was coaching, a group of companies that completed the Seed Hatchery “Boot Camp” conducted by Eric Mathews, Andre Fowlkes, and Elizabeth Lemmonds of Launch Your City.  They came to me with most of their business models framed out and refined, ready to pitch to potential partners/investors.

But surprisingly, or not, depending on your point of reference, the breakthroughs I helped them with, weren’t particularly sexy or exciting.  The exciting work had already been done.

All had good concepts, translated into fairly reasonable business models, supported by passion and hard work: yet all were bumping into same wall, ongoing questions of “what next?” and “what’s the next next after that?”

It’s the same questions  leaders of growing companies struggle with, whether they are cash flush conglomerates or slightly naive start ups with a negative bank account.

The questions get answered by creating plans, strategic plans, that create the direction that aligns the team, and creates accountability, while maintaining flexibility for creative execution.

As start ups , the timing might be different, and the rocks smaller and coming at you faster.  But the solution is the same:  getting everyone on the same page.  That’s what we did.

Tons of fun.