Following up on yesterday’s post.

You can only “brand” on what you can deliver.  Hopefully what you deliver as a business is better than the competition  better yet, different than the competition.  But whatever the case may be, you can only “brand” what you can deliver.

Delivery, is what customers decide is your brand.  What you can credibly deliver?  What the customer thinks of you is your brand.  So if you up-brand but don’t up-deliver or up-service, you are dead.

Therefore the hard branding work is internal.  The communication of your brand to the people you deliver and the processes you put in place to make sure you deliver.  You have to get this down.  It’s based on your core values, your core competencies, your core purpose.  All centered around what customers determine to be valuable.

In other words, it’s strategy coupled with execution.  Figure out the strategy and how to execute it.  Work towards executing it efficiently.  Then work on spreading the word with external communications.

Your brand is within you whether you like it or not.  Discover it, reinforce it and build it internally, then take it to market.

The good news is this.  Later in October, I’m holding the In-Synk Plan Forward Workshop.  It’s a comprehensive workshop on People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.  In it we teach how to use Core Values, Competencies, and Purpose to come up with a Brand Promise that you can deliver and is different.  After attending this workshop you can externally brand you business to your heart’s delight.

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