The 20,000 plus CEOs I’m talking about are the 20,000 plus CEOs across the globe who have taken the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Workshop.

It’s helped them move their companies forward, consistently and with better results than their competitors.

It’s helps them with the four difficult decisions they face everyday as the leader of their company. (The Four Decisions Model)

  1. Would I Enthusiastically Rehire My Team?
  2. Can I State My Strategy Clearly and Is My Team Following Same Strategy?
  3. Am I Hitting The Numbers Every Quarter?
  4. How’s the Cash and Is It Growing?

This workshop teaches the habits that help you answer those questions successfully.  It teaches them and then teaches you how to install them.  It’s a “working” workshop.

I’m hosting it on April 25th.  At the U-M Holiday Inn.

You can register here.

Join me and move your company forward.