The AdvantageIn almost every situation, the “advantage” goes to the team that is cohesive and aligned and works together well.  This isn’t a groundbreaking insight.

The insight is that there are so many dysfunctional teams and so many misconceptions about team building and teams.

Pat Lencioni address this with his definitive business fable, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. The fable tracks an under-performing executive team as it moves from dysfunction to cohesiveness as their new leader rebuilds the team. It’s a ground breaking book and I suggest getting familiar with it’s content. It’s a business classic. Required reading in my mind.

Lencioni, has written a new book, The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business. It’s better than The Five Dysfunctions, presenting the core message of the original work in the context of real life case studies that more graphically illustrate the necessity of team building and how hard it really is. Furthermore, it shows that hard work pays off with better strategy, better execution and ultimately better results.

I’ll be reviewing The Advantage at the next In-Synk Business Book Review on Friday February 1st.  Plan on joining me if you want to learn how to build and sustain a great team.

If you can’t wait, The Advantage Online Course taught by Pat Lencioni himself is available through The Gazelles Growth Institute, of which I’m an affiliate. Order it and show it to your team as many times as you need to for a year.

I’ll be blogging about The Advantage as well. Lets dedicate the next couple of weeks to creating an “Advantage” for your company by building a better team.