Insights From Jim Loehr–Author of The Power of Full Engagement and The Only Way To Win (his latest book).  He’s a performance psychologist, which means he doesn’t work on helping damaged people become normal, he works on taking normal people to great.

He pulls together lots of things we know intuitively, but ignore in our behavior.  Research Based.  He’s got the data to support everything he presents.

–“The species is not engineered to do what we ask ourselves to do”

Critical Insights

  1. Human beings are multidimensional fully integrated energy systems.  Energy is what cuts across all systems (biological, chemical, kinetic, spiritual, and mental).  We have four energy systems:  Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.  It’s how we are wired.
  2. Most important skill for maximizing health, happiness and performance is managing energy–spending it and restoring it.
  3. Human beings oscillate in all dimensions.  All energy sources oscillate. Expend in one and recover in another.
  4. Protection from stress erodes capacity.  In all energy systems.  Stress exposure triggers growth.  As long as their is recovery after energy is spent on the stress.
  5. Greatest gift we can give is “Full Engagement” in others in the moment we engage with them.
  6. Humans are mission specific species.  No purpose, chaos reigns.  Must be purpose to what you do.
  7. Your ultimate missions gives you the power of your “best self”
  8. Get the purpose right.
  9. To grow your business, care about, nourish and challenge  your people to grow as people.  (its not about the business stupid, it’s a vehicle for their growth that grows the business.
  10. Most important growth is in character

Know your humility quotient.  Balance humility with drive–Can only happen with purpose.  Hubris gets people killed.

The path to greatness is learning it’s not about us.

The best part of listening to him, is that he wasn’t a motivational speaker.  He’s done the research, he has the data.  This was cold hard facts about character driving performance and building character muscles.

Think about why you are here for others.  Defining that is your purpose, than you can become extraordinary.

I’m so impressed that I’m changing up the Lunch and LEarn Schedule to do his books. Next up will be The Power of Full Engagement