This session at the Gazelles Summit was particularly helpful to me.  I find Social Media to be challenging.  I embrace it, but being 55 it doesn’t come naturally to me.

Dave Kerpen, author of Likeable Business shared with us 7 of the 13 principles laid out in his book about how to deliver a more likeable company.  All in the Social Media context

  1. Listen First and Never Stop Listening (more listening then talking)
  2. Respond to Everyone, to the good and bad (this one I find most difficult but I’m starting to get it)
  3. Tell, don’t Sell  (tell your story
  4. Be Transparent–Be open by being vulnerable, admit when you mess up and fix it publically
  5. Be Authentic–Have to be yourself.  Consistent both on and off the airways.  Use vulnerability to build trust.  Respond as a human not an institution.
  6. Create teams that work hard and play hard together
  7. Be Grateful  –The ROI of gratitude is very high.  Most important words in Social Media are “Thank You” and “I’m sorry.”

I’m getting the book.  Put some of this to work this very afternoon.

Still, I have to say that I’m concerned that social media could make us all a bunch of whiners if we aren’t careful about it.  MAybe the gratitude principle is what will keep this in check.