Gio Livera is a motivational speaker, magician, and author.  I really enjoy magicians.  He was quite entertaining and motivating.  He encouraged us to find “It”    “It” is where talent and passion collide.   Some other catchy quotes

  • Make your ceiling your floor.
  • Compound the interest on your happiness
  • What would you do if you were braver today?

And he taught us all a magic trick.  Love it.

Verne wrapped up with the summit audience, pretty much what he said in the Coaches Session. Best leadership quote he gave:  “Remember, the bottleneck is at the top of the bottle.”

The summit was thematically the best I’ve been at ever.

To lead you have to be good for goodness sakes.  Not to gain. But to make others better.

Verne also posted a drawing he made that afternoon.  “The ‘I’ in ‘TEAM” goes in the A Hole.”  I’ll try to duplicate it and post it on FB.

PRetty much wraps up all my learning this week.  Heading home in the morning.