Jack Stack, Chairman and CEO of Springfield Re-manufacturing Company, and author and founder of The Great Game of Business(GGOB), closed out our day here in Orlando.

In my mind, he should the Capitalist’s Capitalist.  The Best One.

He has walked his talk for 31 years, delivering at least 15 % growth no matter what, year after year.

To first save and then to grow his company he taught Financial Literacy (capitalism) to the entire company.  Opened the books to the entire company.  Involved the entire company in the decision making process of the company.  And promised to  share the created wealth with the entire company.

He taught the team capitalism and got out of their way.  Gave them the tools and let them do it.  And held them to it.

Wasn’t easy.  He hasn’t stopped teaching it.  It’s hard work.  And because his team understands it, he is held accountable by them, even by the janitor.  (pick up his book and read the story of the janitor holding him accountable).

Don’t know how to do it? Go to Springfield to attend his GGOB School and let Jack’s people teach you how to do it.

All of you should do the same.  Teach your team the “game” of your business and the rules for winning,  follow the action and keep score, and share in the outcome.

Forget Jack Welch as being the best “Jack” in business.  He’s accomplished “jack” compared to Jack Stack.

His final words of the conference:  “Once you get someone to understand capitalism, it will change their life.”