It’s something all business owners wish they could do.

Stop wishing.  There is a way to see around the corner.

You don’t do it by taking classes from a mystic on how to be clairvoyant.

You do it by making sure you have A players on your team.  You do strategic thinking to determing the “Rocks” you need to move, and execution planning to make sure you move them.   You do these things, and more, as a matter of habit.  Quarterly. Monthly. Weekly. Daily.

At Gazelles we call these things Rockefeller Habits.  They are proven habits that will move your company past their competitors as if you are seeing around the corner.  You can learn them and install them in your company.

On April 25th, I’m presenting the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Workshop at the U-M Holiday Inn.  It’s a “working session” for CEOs/Business Owners and their teams.  You’ll learn the habits and then learn how to install them.  In your business.

Details and registration here.

Join me.  Especially if you want to grow.