The root word of original or orginaility is origin.  Which means go back to beginning to find what was good and then update that to today situation.

Survey of Gazelles Client Companies is that a shift has occurred in what is the important Decision of the Four Decisions right now.

  • Was Strategy.  It’s now People–The War for Talent has begun.

When Senior Management uses SWOT Analysis–Strengths,  Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat–They get too bogged down in the here and now and don’t see the big picture.  This is no longer a good tool for senior management.  Good for Middle Management.

  • Senior Management should use SWT–inherent STRENGTHS, inherent WEAKNESSES, and outside TRENDS.
  • Frontline should keep using SSK–Start Stop and Keep.
  • Here’s a link to our article in The Daily News on this subject  Market Myopia-Blame the SWOT

Finally, the biggest insight I had is this question.

  • If the biggest expense item (translate ASSET) of any company is staffing expense, why is the CFO uninvolved in making sure all payroll related money is spent wisely so that the ASSET grows, that people grow, that people get trained well, that the right people are hired?  They make sure all the other asset expenditures are spent well.    Something to ponder