One of the reasons I love the Gazelles Fortune Summits is that Verne brings in people who can back up their speeches with either the data or significant experience.  No fads of the month.

Laurie Bassi fits this description.  Not the flashiest speaker, you could even tell she was a bit uncomfortable with the size of the audience.  But she has the data.  She’s done the research and you can scoff at her insights but you can’t argue the data.

The data says that among public companies, the ones that get listed by Fortune as the best places to work, kill their competitors in stock performance and all the things that drive stock performance.  She is creating stock index based on this and I’m going figure out how to invest in it and become rich ;-).

She rated companies by being Good Employers, or Good Sellers, or Good Stewards of their communities.  The A rated firms kill their competitors.

Less than 8% of employees surveyed think their companies are good places to work.

What employees say about their employers is a damn accurate stock indicator.

It’s impossible to sustain competitive advantage without being a good employer.

Three essentials to becoming a good company by being a good employer.

  1. Be inspiring –Have purpose to your work
  2. Be Committed–Work gives people an opportunity to learn and to help others.  Let them to that
  3. Be Exacting–Get the employees data, good data, to work with to support their efforts to become a good employers.  LEt them act on it.

Additional comments on Committed(discretionary effort hinges on this)  Layoff is the last resort(employees are not disposable assets) all win when the company wins, investing in  training to develop this asset.

This requires HR to get strategic in growing the people.

We might just have to review her book too.  Good Company:  Business Success in the Era of Worthiness. 

She also spent time talking about how Technology Driven People Power will insist that this happen of bad companies wil go out of business.  The transparency of Technology Driven People Power.

Wish you were all here.  Plan on the Fall GAzelles/Fortune Growth Summit in Las Vegas in October.  I get four people to come the ticket for you will go down $500.