So often the Human Resources department or Personnel department gets caught up in putting out fires created by poor employment practices, or being benefit police, or even in the worst cases creating harmful employment practices when their real responsibility is finding great people and keeping them great.  Maybe its the name for this position, which so often implies the people are resources similar to equipment and commodities.  Fill the slot.

We all know that the creation of a great company culture is constant and consistent hard work.  And that with a good culture everything gets easier and better.  Basically it goes like this.  Great Culture begets Great People begets Great Strategy and Great Execution resulting in Great Cash Flow.

So how about a name that changes the focus of these important position.

“Minister of Culture” works for me.  Creating great culture, enforcing and empowering great culture, keeping Great Culture Great.

Seems to me that this would make a huge difference.

What do you think?

More posts on Culture Building in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned.