Definitely a theme:

“Leadership is always about doing good and your primary intent.  And if you do you will reap rewards”

This is different from that trite cliche of “givers gain” that in my mind has been twisted around to mean that if I give I’ll gain so the motive for giving is the gain, not the good.

The data from the first three speakers confirms this.  Hard data confirms that doing good as primary motive delivers superior results.

  • Good Selling  (the presenter was Daniel Pink, who I have blogged extensively about before, so not today)
  • Being a Good Employer  (Laurie Blassi)
  • Doing good as your motive to drive personal performance.  (Jim Loehr)

SRC, GGOB and Jack Stack provided the best real world case study of it, confirming the experts who presented.

See you tomorrow.  Hope it will be more of the same. Today was restorative.